The Circular Head Show woodchopping competition is run in association with the North West Axemen’s Association of Tasmania. With thanks to major sponsors – Collins Contracting, Britton Timbers, Ta Ann, Armour Mitre 10, Kingston Bros (Smithton), Smithton Betta Home Living, the following events will be held:

Competition will commence 10am and tree felling final will be approximately 2:30pm

  • Britton Timbers 225mm Standing Hcp
  • Ta Ann 250mm Standing Hcp
  • Collins Contracting 300mm Standing Hcp
  • Collins Contracting 300mm Standing Championship
  • Armour Mitre 10 (Smithton) 275mm Underhand
  • Kingston Bros 250mm Veteran’s Handicap
  • Ta Ann 375mm Single Handed Sawing
  • Smithton Betta Home Living 375mm Double Handed Sawing
  • Collins Contracting 275mm Underhand Novice
  • Tall Timbers 375mm Jack ‘n Jill Sawing
  • Britton Timbers 300mm Tree Handicap
  • Collins Contracting 275mm Ladies Underhand handicap (Subject to Entries)
  • Shane Broad MP Open Chainsaw Race
  • Gavin Pearce MP Hot Saw