Circular Head Show – 2021 Competition Trade and Export Cattle (Carcase - Grass Fed*)

Senior Steward: Robin Medwin (Ph. 03 6458 3123; Mob. 0419 583123)

Committee Members:

Milton de Jonge (Ph. 0418 581184) email:

John Bruce (Ph. 0428 140811) email:

Darryl Pearce (Ph. 0413 286998) email:

Judges: Greenham Chiller Assessment staff and MSA Assessor Janine Lau.

Show Classes – All classes: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $50, 3rd prize $20

Entry Fee: $10.00 per animal. Entries close: Friday 19th November 2021.

Competition Details

Due to the Circular Head Show cancellation, there will be a hook section only in 2021. Entries will need to

be sent direct to Greenham Tasmania, Smithton, ready for processing during the week between Monday

22nd and Thursday 25th November 2021. Entries will be graded and judged, and prizes awarded at a

function at Agritas, Smithton, at 6.00 pm on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

The evening will include a barbeque and refreshments compliments of Greenham Tasmania along with

presentation of the prizes and judges’ comments. All are welcome.

The competition is run in the Beef Australia format, with entries received in pens of three cattle in two weight

classes. Entries will need to meet each class specifications.

Each entry group of three cattle will need to be clearly identified with either paint marks or ear tags so as to

ensure correct groups are judged. Your Greenham Tasmania buyer can assist with preparing entries.

Bonus carcase points may be awarded for the consistency of weight, fat distribution, lean meat yield and

eating quality score of the three cattle in each entry.

Competition entries will be judged under MSA criteria, which measures saleable meat yield, market

specifications, and importantly, eating quality. Care will be taken to ensure MSA compliance.

Junior Section: Greenham Tasmania and the CH Agricultural Society are offering prizes to be awarded

to entrants under 18 years of age with the best performing group of cattle in the yearling class. See details

in the Yearling Class description.

Further information: John Bruce 0428 140811 or Milton de Jonge 0418 581184.

All entries are required by law to have National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) tags, and be

accompanied by a National Vendor Declaration (NVD) form and MSA Declaration form, and a

completed Greenham Tasmania ‘Never Ever’ declaration form, if applicable.

Cattle with horns exceeding 5 cm will not be accepted.

A limit of one pen per class per exhibitor may be enforced at the discretion of the stewards.

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  •  Grass fed is when cattle are reared on pasture, fodder crops, hay and silage as per normally accepted farming practices. Grain supplementing is not accepted.
Competition Classes:

1. Yearling Steer or Heifer Group of Three – Local Trade (Grass Fed*)

This class requires Steers or Heifers suitable for the domestic market that have a maximum of 2

permanent incisor teeth and have a carcase weight in the range of 220 to 359.9 kg with a fat

cover of 5 – 22 mm (8 – 12 mm ideal). Approximate live weight range from 420 to 690 kg, using

a 52% dressing percentage.

2. Prime Beef Steer Group of Three – Japanese Export (Grass Fed*)

This class requires steers suitable for the Japanese chilled beef market with a maximum of 4

teeth and hot standard carcase weight in the range 360 to 439.9 kg with a fat depth at the P8

site of 5 – 22 mm (10 – 15 mm ideal). Approximate live weight range from 670 to 810 kg, using

a 54% dressing percentage aiming to achieve a minimum marble score of 2.

Champion Yearling Steer or Heifer Group – Local Trade (Carcase)

“Rex Frankcombe Memorial Trophy”

Sponsored by the Red Angus Society of Australia, Tasmanian Members

and the Frankcombe Family

Champion Prime Beef Steer Group – Japanese Export (Carcase)

“Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd Trophy”

Highest Scoring Steer or Heifer

Sponsored by Perry’s Quality Meats

The “Greenham Tasmania Junior Development Prize”

will be awarded to

Highest Scoring pen of three entered by a person under 18 years


Major Sponsor: Greenham Tas PL

Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd

Anthony’s at Highfield


Chemvet Australia Pty Ltd

Coopers Animal Health

Datamars group

Frankcombe Family

Gallagher Australia

Impact Fertilisers

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Leon and Diana Gee

M.H.&G.A. de Jonge

Nutrien Ag Solutions

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Red Angus Society of Australia

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