Exhibition Hall

Visitors to the exhibition hall will see why having a show in December allows exhibitors to take advantage of spring’s bounty. It ensures that the last agricultural show of the year has the best displays of fruit and vegetables, cut flowers and floral art. If the winds are kind, the roses and lilies are at their best and, if the chooks are laying well, competition for the best eggs is fierce.

Under lights in the glass cabinet are sparkling jars of jams, jellies, marmalades and chutney, and the cakes and biscuits are the best you’ll find anywhere. Country cooks are good cooks. As you take in the tables and walls covered with the work of the best embroiderers, knitters and photographers, you get a feel for the pleasure that contributors of all ages get from seeing their work on display. A 1st prize, an award, a sash … well, we all love that competitive spirit.

Exhibition Hall Competition – Fantastic prizes are on offer for exhibitors, including $30 for the ‘Best Rose’ and $10 for the ‘Best Lilium’ in the Show. Thank you to sponsors, Provenance Kitchen & The Busy Baking Mummy for providing great prizes for decorated cup cakes and cakes –

both for Junior and Open classes and also for a more modern class, Macarons! Our two local Chemists, Gerald and Murray have sponsored the traditional classes of Christmas pudding and rich fruit cake, for many years and the exhibitors never disappoint. There are classes for all levels in the homemade products section from Junior to Novice to Open.

In the cottage industry section, thanks again to all the sponsors and especially new sponsor Michelle the Mad Hatter for her sponsorship towards a knitted or crocheted beanie in Australian wool – 1st prize $25; 2nd Prize $15 and 3rd prize $10 – along with other classes. Check out the exhibition hall schedule; there are some great prizes.  There is also a new section for fermented products.